Early Education

Early Education

Give Your Children an Education in Christ

South Side Baptist School in Oak Lawn, Illinois, provides a Christian education to the children of our parishioners, as well as other Christians. With classes available for children entering preschool through 12th grade, we hope your son or daughter can join us.
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Our preschool program, Little Hands Learning Kingdom, works from the understanding that the educational foundation that children receive in the first years of school may determine how well they do later in college. We believe it is imperative to teach them during this crucial time while they still have their natural curiosity and innate desire to learn new things. Children will learn reading, writing, numbers, and more.

More than Babysitting

Because many of our preschooler's parents both have to work, our dedicated Christian teachers help provide love, care, and instruction to these precious little ones as if they were their own. The Little Hands Learning Kingdom is far more than a babysitting or play school daycare service. It is an enchanting educational experience.


We offer kindergarten programs each for 3-, 4-, and 5-year-olds. All students must be fully potty trained and the appropriate age by September 1 to be enrolled. To reinforce the essential lessons of a Christian education, these youngsters will take part in reading Bible stories, singing songs, and playing games. They will also participate in monthly themes in art, music, poetry, and show and tell.
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Kindergarten for 3 Year Olds

This program focuses on teaching students letters, colors, and number recognition. They will also learn short vowel and consonant sounds.

Kindergarten for 4 Year Olds

Children will learn basic phonics, number concepts from one through 20, basic science, safety, and health topics. They will practice reading from their own little readers in a circle, as well as how to establish proper routines and classroom habits.

Kindergarten for 5 Year Olds

This program reinforces basic phonics and expands students' number concepts to include one through 100, learning addition, subtraction, money values, and how to tell time. Students will also be introduced to social studies and science. With their improved reading skills through classroom practice, children will be able to share their own basic reading books with Mom and Dad.
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