Grades 1-6

Grades 1 - 6

Elementary and Secondary Christian-Based Education

The Christian elementary, junior high and high school education at South Side Baptist School further establishes each student's relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. Alongside their academic work, students can join extracurricular activities ranging from fine arts competition to music lessons or joining the Bible quiz team.

Elementary Program

Our elementary program has a strong academic and Biblical foundation. We expand on the lessons leaned in our preschool and kindergarten programs in order to prepare our students not only for the next step to secondary education, but also for college. Our smaller class sizes allow for each student's individual needs to be met.

Enrichment Activities

Teachers also oversee enrichment activates that reinforce the lessons learned in an innovative way. Activities include the winter and spring programs, Around the World, Zoolapaloosa, and Invention Convention. Elementary school students may also participate in piano lessons, choir, and general music lessons.
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